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This is the page which will tell you about my hobbies. I remember that sometimes back I had a discussion with Sounak (good friend of mine) about the definition of “Hobby”. It’s the thing or subject about which you know a lot , may not everything and at the same time you are passionate about the subject or the thing. With this definition, I am afraid that many of our so called hobbies will get discarded.

Forget about the definition. It’s my website and I am the “Master of the Universe (err. Website)”. So I will define my hobbies ... rather to say, likings. Here it goes…

Travel is my first love. During our college days, we did several tours across India. Later, thanks to TCS' overseas assignment, I have travelled to many countries in Europe and Asia Pacific.( Read My Travelogue )

Photography will come next. I had taken many good snaps with my old Canon prima F7 camera. Recently I have bought one SLR camera. It’s Canon EOS300 with 28-90mm & 75-300mm zoom lenses.( Visit my Photo Gallery for the photos. )

Listening to music, specially songs of Kishore Kumar , is one of my favorite pastime. I also like reading bengali novels very much.( Shankar’s novels are one of my favorites. I do feel oneness with the characters depicted in the novels, be it “Syata Bose” in “Chowringhee” or “Shankar” in “Gharer Modhye Ghar”)

Finally I would like to mention about autograph collection. Though these days I am not very much involved in this activity but I have autographs of people like Amitabh Bachhan, Leander-Mahesh, Jyoti Basu etc. in my collection.