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World of Websites!

World of Websites serve to organize information in a way that we hope is useful to teachers and learners. Our main philosophy is that the Internet is a truly interactive forum that allows for teachers and learners to research, communicate, collaborate, and publish. We have been trying to pull together those resources that are participatory and ultimately serve learner-driven inquiry and exploration. These include websites that publish student work on-line, support web-based projects for cross-classroom collaboration, and provide forums for teachers to document and develop their own work. 

Each World of Websites locates and organizes world wide web resources related to a specific topic or issue. Often, the topics reflect your interests and suggestions. They show a variety of approaches to the dissemination of web-based information, ranging from list-making and categorizing to personal essays about a few particularly interesting sites and step-by-step tours of web-based materials. 

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