Evidence Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice Module
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1) Introduction, framing question; types of evidence

2) Diagnosis

3) Therapy and harm (1)

4) Searching skills; finding evidence; communicating effectively using electronic technology


5) Therapy and harm (2)

6) Prognosis

7) Guidelines

8) (a) Exercises on finding information (1:00 pm - 2:45 pm)
(b) Diagnosis (2) (3:00 pm onwards)

9) Evidence based health care

10) Decision analysis - taking patient's values and preferences into account

A description of this module can be downloaded here. (Password required)

Purpose of the unit

ebp1The purpose of this unit is to equip health care professionals with the knowledge and skills to base their professional practice on current best available evidence.

The skills covered include:-
  • framing questions relevant to the student’s practice
  • searching for best evidence
  • rapidly screening and appraising literature for validity and applicability to their professional practice, and
  • applying the evidence to their professional practice.
  • understanding the terms used in evidence-based practice
  • understanding the organisational aspects of evidence-based practice and evidence-based health care.
  • finding clinically relevant information via the Internet
  • communicating effectively by electronic conferencing



This unit has been validated to carry 30 M-level CAT credits and forms part of the MSc in Health Sciences. It can also be taken as a stand-alone unit.

Teaching consists of:-

  • 10 formal sessions of 3 hours duration
  • A one-hour session on searching skills
  • On-line guidance on this website which will be developed as the module progresses.

Preparation prior to the module

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