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Tales Of A Goatherder
Barn Yarns

Oliver and Peaches
The Rocking Chair
Ellie June
Those Blue Eyes
My Melissa
The Potter and the Weaver
Truckload Of Top-Soil
The Black Dog and Mrs. Bromena's Store
Eyes Full Of Sunshine
Gone Too Far
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
Seventh Heaven
Saying Less
Don't You Just Love It When...
Loving Eyes
A Pesky Woman
Evening Sky
The Orange Cat Lady
Something Was Different
The Songcatcher
The Summer Kitchen
Applebutter Making Time
ByGone Summer
The County Fair
The Fair
It Is Up The Arroyo
A Jillion Stars
Pumpkins And Sunflowers
Candy Apples
A Long Dark Walk
Lost Heart
Evening Sky
The Medal
Lost Kittens
Some Land
When Santa Was A Boy
It Was Going To Be A Good Christmas
The Corner House
Christmas Cookies
Momma's Clock
Christmas Candy
Bopper And The Rose
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Fall Feelings
Let Someone Else Do It
More of Tom's Stories