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March 18 -
New President's Message, including thoughts on the message board,
McKee takes time bash meeting absentees
Babcock named board member of the week, more news then needed
new poll found at bottom left of this page!

March 16 -
Information and pictures added from
Breakfast Business Meeting

March 15 - New
message board added,
Mulroe starts own column, mailing list added (sign up below)

March 1-March 10 - Office closed for spring meetings

February 17 -
XSA begins talks with girl from local restaraunt

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"While I had ample room to write before, I decided to switch things back to the old format, since I loved seeing my ugly mug everytime I went to this wonderful website. The president's message will be updated regularly, at least my part, but this is just my area to tell you folks about what is new.  Since I know you all visit frequently, I am sure checking the 'whats new' area once a day isnt bad.  But if you dont, I can tell you about the hot topics of the XSA, right now the meeting is hot!  Hunter, myself and the many other items involving the meeting are posted.  And if you have seen Moke.....please tell him to keep running south!"
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Al's Supermarket Break Room
Girlfriend's South Haven crib
back of his Taurus
Bahamas with Babcock
enjoying studies over break in the IUN Library

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