Howdy, ya'all!

Welcome to my little ol' home page, deep in the heart of Texas. My friends call me 'Lundy.' Since I know we're going to be friends, I hope you will also call me Lundy.

My all time favorite fun thing is playing Bingo! But sometimes I slip over to New Mexico, or out to Las Vegas, and hope those 'one-armed bandits' will be kind to me.

This is my newest friend, who followed me home from Bingo one night. I like to think that was one night I was a real winner!

It looks like my little puter-puppy is not real happy that I have a new puppy at home now. Too bad....

After I have won all the prizes offered at Bingo, my next favorite thing is to spend time on my computer.

You will usually find me in Seniornet, on the Filetopia chat and file transfer program.

If you would like to join me, click on this link to download and install the four files you will need. Please insure you download all 4 files listed below!

I recommend you install them in this order: FTop.exe; MSagent.exe; TV_enua.exe; and finally, When you have them all installed just click here to come to the chat room: SENIORNET!

If you need more help installing the program, or if you just want to chat with a gorgeous TEXAS blonde, click on me!

Ya'all come back now, y'hyar?

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