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Your host, Dan (DeepE DeepE DeepE DeepE DeepE)

Frank William Polak (my Dad)

Me again... just a few days ago.

one more of me... sorry : )

2 big bass,(5pounds 2ounces each) caught on consecutive casts! One smallmouth, one largemouth.

Another larger (7#) bass.

Yet another (6#) bass

Some nice Saugeye (sauger and walleye hybrid). The larger one is only 1 pound less then Kansas record.

A few more nice Saugeye.

My biggest spoonbill to date.

Another smaller spoonbill pic.

Yes, This is me,

Me with a cigarette in my mouth.

This picture is from the summer of 94, or even from the spring of 94. Yeah, that is a cigarette in my mouth.(note: I did manage to quit for about 4 years or so... then I started again. I know.... stupid) There are more pics of me on the photo page. For more on my pasttime of fishing,,,,you can go HERE

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Yes, I



And now back to entertainment...... This is a nifty little NINE LEVEL EPISODE OF DOOM that I made QUITE awhile back.They are different designs from a twisted (but only slightly) and evil mind Anyway,,they are fun, and a definite challenge.. if you want them, just click on the doom logo, and then, have fraggin' fun.... (oh by the way,,, you must have the registered version of doom for this wad to work)

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Did I mention that I'm also a DART thrower? ( or used to be that is...)

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Calling all chocolate lovers. This link is for you !

Godiva Chocolates (for the CHOCOHOLICS out there: )

InterNet Applications......

If you are in need of any internet tools or applications...., you can usually find anything you need at TUCOWS.

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"Note: My father passed on in July of 2001" ... THIS would be my Dad, showing some the the things he finds to do along the river, where he has a modest cabin. That would be the Platte River, in Nebraska.

HERE he is holding up a few of the catfish he takes from running set lines along the river, on his airboat.

THIS is a wounded pelican he found on a sandbar in the river, and nursed back to health, so that it could migrate as it was intended.

HERE he is, relaxing, and enjoying life to its fullest ...

A few words about my dad. Although you may not have been able to tell from the pictures, he had suffered a stroke some 14 years ago, which paralyzed his right arm and hand, and stole his power of speech from him. This amazing man still managed to run the river in his Airboat, raise a family, and do all sorts of things, that would put many men to shame. This was definitely a strong individual, both mentally, and physically, and he is loved and respected and remembered fondly, by many people in the area of Nebraska where he lived. And, of course, always by me.

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