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high power TV and low power radio

(june 5 2000)
Read about ways to improve information and entertainment systems in your area. We discuss bad tv programs, good tv perfomances of our proteges Phranc and Amanda Jones. There's also something about low power radio and we present to you the struggle for independance of Belgrade Radio B-92.


(february 10 2000)
In this issue we will try to eploxre music made by girls from all over the world,presenting the work of Phranc, The Chubbies, Amanda Jones, Damian Child, The Angoras, Melissa Sigler and Rachel Appleton. PLUS - words from an expert!

new British folk-rock

(november 15 1999)
Topic of the first issue is new British folk-rock scene. You may reed about Fruit Sandal, Jamie Lawson, Alec Martin, Ten Wheels For Jesus, Octafish and Roydan Styles.

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Hi ho siver lining...
We go in black and white
as a symbol of solidarity with
banned Radio B-92


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