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Dr. Robbins offers a wide range of seminars as an individual speaker or with other colleagues with whom he regularly works. His topics span a wide range of topics in healthcare in general with a heavy focus on challenges posed by financially driven pressures in healthcare. Each presentation is custom-designed for a specific group. Most topics involve cutting edge issues in healthcare and challenges we face as caregivers and health care executives.

National Presentations, Custom-Designed Programs-- Grand Rounds

With National/International Health Care Organizations

The Joint Commission (JCAHO)

The American Hospital Association

Health Financial Management Association

American Health Care Association

The American College of Healthcare Executives

American Association of Home and Housing for the Aged

National Association for Home Care

National Guardianship Association

Home Care Association of American

National Health Council

National Managed Home Care Congress

National Adult Protective Services

NMHCC Managed Care Congress

The American Society on Aging

Chair - Medical Directors Summit, NMHCC 1997

The American Public Health Association

NMHCC Keynote CEO Summit 1997

The American Gerontological Society

Medical Libraries Association

The American College of Cardiology Administrators

National Managed Health Care Congress West

The American Association of Managed Care (AAMCRA)

Academy of Family Practice Physicians

The Swedish Cancer Society

The American Board of QA and UR Physicians

Hospital Corporation of America

Case Management Association of America


The American Medical Association


The American Rehabilitation Association

American Association of Law Librarians

The National Hospice Association

Ministry of Health, Magadon - Chykotka Region, Soviet Far East

With State Health Care Organizations/Associations

The Arkansas Cost Containment Commission

Ontario Association of Homes & Housing for the Aged

The California Hospital Association

Maine Association of Homes and Housing for the Aged

AMI Hospitals of California

The Maine Hospice Association

The Arizona Baptist Hospital System

Ohio Association of Homes and Housing for the Aged

The Kentucky Baptist Hospital System

The South Dakota Health Care Association

NJ Citizens Bioethics Advisory Commission

The West Virginia Health Care Association

Mercy Health Services of Michigan

American Association of Homes and Housing for the Aging

The Kentucky Hospital Association

The Maine Society of Hospital Social Workers

Michigan Ethics Resource Network

Illinois College of Family Practice

The Mississippi Hospital Association

Mississippi Hospital Association

The MS College of Long Term Care Administration

Mississippi Health Care Association

IL Association of Homes and Housing for the Aged

West Virginia Academy of Family Practice

Indiana Association of Homes and Housing for the Aged

New England Forum for Death Education

Princeton Insurance Company of New Jersey

International Workgroup on Dying, Death, & Bereavement

Princeton Insurance Company in Maryland

The Michigan Non Profit Homes Association

At Teaching Hospitals

Concord Hospital (NH)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Northwestern University (IL)

Maine Adult Protective Services

Loyola University (IL)

American Educational Institute (MI)

Massachusetts General Hospital (MA)

Health Care Satellite Network (NJ)

New Bedford Hospital (MI)

Hospital Satellite Network (CA)

Saratoga Hospital (CA)

Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center (NJ)

The Hospital Center at Orange (NJ)

The Hospital Center at Orange (NJ)

Hopewell Hospital (VA)

Baystate Medical Center (MA)

HCA Bluegrass Hospital (KY)

West Virginia Healthcare Association

Pontiac General Hospital (MI)

Humana Hospital (AK)

Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital (MI)

Valley View Medical Center (AZ)

St . Mary's Hospital (MI)

Villa View (CA)

Arnot Ogden Hospital (NY)

Manatee Memorial Hospital (FL)

Binghamton Hospital (NY)

Arizona Baptist Hospital

University of Chicago (IL)

Citizens for Better Care (MI)

Sinai Hospital (MI)

Wausau Hospital Center (WI)

Grace Hospital (MI)

Rhode Island Hospital

Harper Hospital (MI)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital (CT)

Oakwood Hospital (MI)

Providence Hospital (MI)

Wm. Beaumont Hospital (MI)

Henry Ford Hospital (MI)

South Central Kentucky Regional Hospital (KY)

University of Michigan Hospital (MI)

Bon Secours Hospital (MI)

VA Medical Centers in IL, MI, KY, SD, WV

New England Society Hospital Social Workers

Los Gatos Hospital (CA)

At Medical Schools

Harvard Medical School

University of Chicago Medical School

University of California - Berkeley

Northwestern University Medical School

University of California - Davis

New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry

University of Michigan Medical School

Rutgers University School of Medicine

University of Mississippi Medical School

University of SD School of Medicine

Marshall Medical School (WV)

Tufts Medical School

Vanderbilt Medical School

Boston University Medical School

Southwest Texas State University

Brown University Medical School

University of Texas Galveston

Texas A & M Medical School

University of Louisville Medical School

Southwestern Medical School

University of Kentucky Medical School

Wayne State Medical School

Midwestern University (IL)


Health Care Organizations Not Already Listed

The Kentucky Academy of Trial Attorneys

Washington Guardianship Association

The Young Health Lawyers of Chicago Group

Texas Adult Protective Services

Tabor Hills Healthcare Facility (LTC)

Maine Adult Protective Services

The Jewish Home for the Aged (MI)

Maine Probate Judges and Court Reporters

Tri-Cities Medical Center (CA)

Rapides Hospital Alexandria (LA)

San Dimas Hospital (CA)

Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceuticals

Glendora Hospital (CA)

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Holmdel Hospital (NJ)

Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals

Bayshore Hospital (NJ)


Desert Hills LTC (AZ)