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Last Updated 10/29/02

The Voice of Paul Wellstone 
United States Senator from Minnesota 
Written with Bill Dauster

The Good Country
Chapter 1 of "A Better America"
Winter 1998-1999

The Trial of President Clinton 
Congressional Record, Page S1597
February 12, 1999

We Cannot Buy Golden Opportunities With Tin-Cup Budgets   
"The Progressive"
January, 1999

On Martin Luther King Day 
Prepared Remarks
January 18, 1999

'98 Voters Were Standing Up For The Little Guy Against Big Money 
"The Boston Globe"
November 11, 1998 

Humphrey Offers a Plan Schools Need 
"The Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune"
October 31, 1998 

Beyond Symbolic Politics 
Prepared Remarks
At "Back to Basics: A Conference on the Future of the American Left"
Chicago, Illinois
October 9, 1998

Women Making Change 
Prepared Remarks of Sheila Wellstone 
As part of Women's Week at Iowa State University
Campanile Room, Memorial Union
October 7, 1998

The Political Watershed 
Prepared Remarks 
Before the New Hampshire Democrats' Harry S. Truman Dinner
September 26, 1998

Remembering America's Patiots 
Remarks Before the 99th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
San Antonio, Texas
August 31, 1998

The Metal of America 
Prepared Remarks 
Before the Rainbow Coalition 
Chicago, Illinois 
August 15, 1998 

A New American Century of Justice  
Prepared Remarks 
Before the Iowa AFL-CIO Convention 
Waterloo, Iowa 
August 12, 1998 

The "New Isolationists" 
Prepared Remarks 
Before the AFL-CIO COPE Convention 
Orlando, Florida 
August 1, 1998 

The People's Trust Fund 
"The Nation"
July 27, 1998 

The Auto Workers of Flint, Michigan 
Prepared Remarks 
July 16, 1998 

Grassroots Heroes 
Prepared Remarks 
Before the Grassroots Training Seminar at Iowa State 
July 11, 1998