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hello and thank you for stopping by. This site has numerous animations and will take a short while to set-up. I've tried to make this place interesting and fun, and a place where you can come if you need to find things that will help Romance along. So take a look around, try some links and have some fun!! I hope this page makes you feel good and you leave with a smile :-) on your face and happiness in your heart!! One more thing: XOXOXOXOHave a Nice Day!!!XOXOXOXO



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Visit my new section here at Jack's House. It's a Music Lounge for the "Romantic". It's called "TEAR JERKER'S HEAVEN", nothing but soft, easy listening, romantic songs. So find your hankies and head on to the Lounge!!Click HERE for great songs of Love and Romance, that brings back memories. Have fun!!




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Jack's Midi Originals
With all this trouble brewing with midi file songs, I have started making original midi preparations. That way there will be no copyright infringement if the courts decide that current midi songs from copyrighted publications need a licence, and charge a fee for using or allowing others to hear them on the internet. So please stop by and listen to some of the selections I have created. Let me know what you think of them!

For a break, come visit my new Midi page to just relax and take it easy!! Click Here
The midi's here all have one thing in common the word love in them, and there sure are a lot of them, wow!!
Let me know what you think of the new site!!!

Want a site with a beat?? Click HERE "BOOGIE BUMPER's
will make you get down and boogie boogie boogie

The Corner Lounge
Visit my version of songs, click on the banner!

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