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Welcome to the open house at Heartland Meadows 1331
Wonderful places to live and breath
Welcome to Heartland/Meadows

This charming community is sure to please the most discerning homesteader. Each home is finely crafted with beautifully flowing floor plans and timeless exterior detailing.

Slow down. Take a breath of cool, fresh air. Savor the moment when you know you're truly home.    Acres of Bluffs, Cottages, Estates, Farms, Fields, Flats, Gardens, Hills, Hollows, Lanes, Lakes, Meadows, Oaks, Parks, Plains, Pointes, Prairies, Ranches, Ridges, Shores, Valleys, Villages, Woods, and tree-lined trails beckon you to an evening stroll in Heartland. And you have the piece of mind that comes with a quality-built home. All this, and the conveniences of nearby Neighborhoods, combine to make each of GeoCities, communities a wonderful place to live in cyberspace.

H/M This property "1331" is situated on the corner of the 1300 and 1350 blocks of Heartland/Meadows and is open for your inspection 24 hours a day all year long.

Each of the rooms contain useful information (I hope) that will make your trip fun as well as beneficial.

You may tour the property unescorted by clicking on the rooms located below. If you should need any assistance please contact the Agent on Duty:
Max Raby....

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