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Welcome to the Brown Family Club's section on "Famous and Notable Browns", a section which honors Browns and their kinfolk (including descendants) who have achieved some degree of fame and respect in such fields as government and politics, the arts, business and industry, education, entertainment (movies, television, music), military service, science, sports.

The most famous Browns have been in government service: several have been elected to the United States Congress as senators or representatives. Others have been governors of several states and members of state legislatures and other elected offices.

In addition to politics, there are many Browns who have made their mark in the fields of entertainment such as motion pictures and television actors and actresses, writers, directors and producers.

Still other Browns have achieved prominence in education, the arts, journalism, sports, medicine, military service, religion and other endeavors.

If you have information on a Brown or descendant who became well-known (in any state in any field), please send us a copy of it, along with any sources for the information (book, magazine, newspaper, etc.) to preserve in the Family Library.

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Browns and their kinfolk who have served in elected and appointed government positions and those who have been active in politics.

United States Congress>

Federal Courts

Federal Offices

State Government

Local Government

The Arts


Business & Industry

Browns and kinfolk who have achieved prominence in the fields of business and industry.




Browns and kinfolk who have achieved prominence in all fields of education, including teachers, professors, college presidents, deans, elected state and local education officials and boards of education.


Browns and kinfolk who have gained fame and respect as actors, directors, producers, writers and other fields in motion pictures, television, music and stage drama.


Browns and kinfolk who have become noted in their military service.

Military service




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