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Welcome to the Home page of the Morgan Family Club, a national, non-profit family club, dedicated to gathering and preserving the heritage of all American Morgan families. This is a common name in Wales and England so obviously all the families who settled in America are not blood-related.

Most of the Morgan families in America are descendants of pioneers from the British Isles who settled in the American English colonies before they gained independence. These Morgans came from both Wales and England primarily. Wales is the ancient homeland of the Morgan families.

Please, don't ask "am I related to your group". Obviously, not all Morgans are blood related. However, we are united in our desire to preserve our family heritage. This is a family club for ALL the different Morgan families. It is a FAMILY website for and about descendants of Morgan families. The Family Club's main purpose is to become a central "clearing house" for information on ALL these different families and to make it easier for folks to learn more about their ancestors by sharing their research efforts and eliminating wasteful duplication and errors.

Family History

We are working to add a large section on Morgan family history, with basic information and records that might help you know and understand our ancestors better. We will also be adding information on individual family lines. You are urged to submit family information to be included here on Morgan's and descendants. Click on "HISTORY" in the INDEX below.

Famous Morgans

We have a new section devoted to famous and notable members of our Morgan family. We have sections on those in government and politics, entertainment (movies, TV, music), education, business and industry, science, sports, religion, military service, the arts and much more. We are even working on a section for the ones who are 'infamous' -- such as Morgan the pirate. You will find information on United States senators and Congressmen, governors, notable movie stars and more. Click on FAMOUS in the INDEX below.

Family Memorials

You can honor a lost loved one by posting a memorial to them in the family "Memorials" section. If you would like to memorialize a deceased parent, grandparent, spouse, ancestor or other relative, you can place poems; information on birth, death, marriage, children, etc.; a photo; personal memories, etc. Click on "MEMORIALS" in the INDEX below.

Family Queries

If you are looking for Morgan ancestors, we also have a section for messages/ queries where you can submit a personal message about Morgan ancestors or living relatives that you are looking for. You might be able to locate others with the information and records you are looking for. Click on "QUERIES" in the INDEX below.

Family Newsletter

The most important part of our family website is your online family newsletter which contains current news about your kinfolk. For this to be a success, WE NEED YOUR HELP -- when you hear about a death, wedding, engagement, important wedding anniversary, birth, school news, kinfolk in the military service and other news about Morgan kinfolk, please let us know so we can put it in the family newsletters. Click on "NEWS" in the INDEX below for the newsletter.

You are urged to send us information and copies of records on your immediate family to preserve in the Family Library. We are trying to gather copies of every type of public document and private records, including copies of marriage records, deeds, old letters, wills, US and state census records, obituaries, newspaper articles, family Bible records , estate and court records, birth and death certificates, military records, wedding and engagement notices, school records, old tax and voter's lists, cemetery tombstone inscriptions and more.

PLEASE, make xerox copies of the family information in your Bible, obituaries of Morgan relatives, wedding notices, military discharge papers, birth and death certificates and other types of family records you have and send these to us to preserve in the Family Library. Take time to record all the birth dates, marriages and deaths in your immediate family. Record the memories of the oldest relatives you know so these can be preserved for future generations.

Our Family Library will be donated to the Georgia State Archives upon the death of our historian. This is the largest and most modern state archives in the South and centrally located for the majority of our family.


If your branch of the family is planning a reunion, please send us details so we can write an article about it in the family newsletters. Send complete details: give the date, time and full location of the reunion. If it is to be held in a rural area, give good directions from the nearest town. Also send the name, mailing address, telephone number and email address if available for a person to contact for additional information. Also give details on planned activities, who is in charge of them; food arrangements (bring a picnic basket or is a banquet planned at a motel or elsewhere?). If your reunion is an annual event, tell some history about it: when and where it started; who started it; who is the ancestor of the branch that is holding the reunion and other info you think will be interesting.

AFTER the reunion, write and tell us some details: how many attended; what cities and states were represented; the names and hometowns of the oldest and youngest who were there; your activities; if you have a reunion committee, the names and hometowns of your officers.

Morgan Family Club

The Morgan Family Club is a family organization devoted to gathering and preserving the family heritage of ALL the different Morgan families. We are a national family club. Like any kind of club, we depend upon MEMBERS, without whom the family club cannot exist, nor this website, nor our Family Library. Your membership dues are used to help pay for this family website, support growth of our Family Library (purchase more family records from local courthouses, etc.), notebooks and office supplies, etc. If you appreciate what the Family Club is trying to do and enjoy the family website, then join us and become a member of the Morgan Family Club. Help gather and preserve your Morgan family heritage. Be a part of making this dream come true.

Our Purpose and Goals

Join and support YOUR Morgan Family Club

Your membership in the family club is very important to make it succeed.
Without your support, a lot of family projects such as our Family Library and this
family website won't be possible. Join your family club and help make this dream possible.

To join, send your membership dues to the Morgan Family Club at the address below.
Annual membership dues: $15

write us:

Morgan Family Club
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