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This portion of our site is devoted to the history of all Morgan families of America, especially those with roots in the South (that's Dixie, for your cousins in Wales and England--the southern part of the United States). In the coming weeks, we hope to add a lot of family history here. You can help in this project: you are invited to send information on the history of your family branch to include here and to preserve in our Family Library.

The Morgan families of the South are almost all descendants of pioneer settlers who came to the American Colonies before they gained independence.

Cemetery Records

One of our most important projects is to gather cemetery records on all our Morgan families and preserve this information in our Morgan Family National Library. We urge you to take part in this goal. Click on "CEMETERY" in the index below to go to the Cemeteries section.

Marriage Records

Another important effort is our project to gather and preserve marriage records of our family. If you have marriage records or copies of marriage licenses of members of the family please send copies of these to preserve in the Family Library. We will try to post as much of these as we can in the MARRIAGES section. Click on "Marriages" in the INDEX below.


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Morgan Family Records

Morgan Family History

This section will soon contain a "narrative" history of Morgan families. Be patient as our historian works on it.

Morgan Family National Library

One of the main goals of the Morgan Family Club is to create a Morgan Family National Library, with copies of records of every kind, both public and private, and information on every Morgan relative that we can find in America, with emphasis upon those families who are descendants of pioneers who settled here before 1900.

Family records: this kind of record includes information from family Bibles (births, marriages, deaths, etc.); old letters, written personal memories, etc.

Public records: all records created by any kind of public agency, whether by a county, city, state or federal. These include land grants and homesteads, deeds, wills, estate records, military records of all wars, census records, marriage records, old voter's lists, tax rolls, court records, birth and death certificates, etc.

Other records: cemetery tombstone records, church records, obituaries, newspaper and magazine articles, published info in books, school and club records, etc.

More on this later...

Our Family Library will be donated to the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta upon the death of our Historian. This site was chosen because it is the largest and most modern state archives in the South and the most centrally located for our families. More on this later...

NOTE:The coat of arms at the top of the page is but one of several granted to Morgans of Wales and England over the centuries. If you have a copy of another coat of arms or family crest of a Morgan, please send us a copy by email so we can preserve it in the Family Library.

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17 June, 1998