Famous & Notable Morgans

Welcome to the Morgan Family Club's section on "Famous and Notable Morgans" where you can read about Morgan kin who have become famous or notable because of their achievements (or notoriety) in such fields as government, the arts, business and industry, education, entertainment (Hollywood movies and television), military service, religion, science and other areas of endeavor.

This includes everything from movie stars, United States Senators, businessmen, generals, mayors, sheriffs, college professors, scientific researchers and church bishops to your local award-winning elementary school teacher and prominent principal. If you know of a Morgan or Morgan descendant who has held public office (federal, state or local) or who has achieved prominence in any field, please let us know the details to preserve in the Morgan Family National Library.

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Morgan "black sheep"

Every family has at least one, so the old saying goes. Here, we offer a little insight into some of the more "famous" -- or infamous -- black sheep of our families. Not many in our family haven't heard of Henry...one of the most famous pirates in history.

Henry Morgan, pirate

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