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Do you have an original M*A*S*H story which you would like to share with other M*A*S*H fans on the internet? If so, email it to me for review. Stories can be in almost any PC format (Word, Wordperfect, Notepad (.txt), html, etc...) or just in the body of emails. Please indicate at the end of it whether the story is "to be continued" or "the end." Please note that it sometimes takes several weeks for a story to be posted depending on the quantity I receive and my schedule at the time.

If you have more than one story in the "Single Stories" section which should be considered a "serial," please email me telling me which stories and what title you would like for the serial. A serial is a group of stories that follow the same story and should be read in a particular order to be completely appreciated. Although all of the stories are M*A*S*H-related, some of them follow more logically after another, much like the continuing storylines of TV dramas and soap operas.

If you would like someone to proofread your story for typos, misspellings and grammar mistakes, Krystal Thompson has expressed interest in proofreading stories. Just email her the story for proofreading first if you would like. After she sends you a proofread version and you've reviewed it, just email it to me. This is completely optional; you are still welcome to email your story directly to me without proofreading. Stories are spellchecked, but I do not go over them for grammar mistakes.

The M*A*S*H characters all belong to Twentieth Century Fox. Otherwise, the stories are the properties of their authors.

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Single Stories
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(stories within each serial are listed in chronological order)

The Aftereffects of War

After Good-bye

An Alternate Storyline For Hawkeye and Margaret

The Girl Next Door

The Long, Long Trail A-Winding

School Days


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"The Never-Ending Battle"

The following M*A*S*H Crossover stories were written by Rob Morris. The stories include characters from M*A*S*H, Star Trek, Highlander, Godzilla, Bewitched, and Forever Knight.

Stories including M*A*S*H characters Stories with M*A*S*H references (off-site links)

For some additional information on this crossover series, read the following:

J*L*A* - the following stories use characters which are a combination of the familiar M*A*S*H characters and the heroes from the Justice League America (example: Superman aka "Ben 'Hawkeye' Kent" is Hawkeye)

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Continuing Stories

These are stories which you are encouraged to add to. The original authors started the story and would like others to add their own segments to it. Write another segment to any of these stories below and email it to me. Even if an ending has been written, I'm hoping that others will choose to write different endings or continue the story from another part. Let me know what story, which part and from which thread your segment is supposed to follow. Segments are posted as soon as possible. You will notice that some of the stories may branch off into more than one direction at some points. For example, after reading "R*E*U*N*I*O*N" part 6, the story splits into 2 different directions (sort of like 2 different universes). When writing, feel free to continue from any of the directions.

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