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Here at The Lunchbox we provide you information to modify your computer for better performance, stability and greater efficiency in a low-cost fashion. Want to mod your BX chipset motherboard to accept newer processors? We'll show you how to modify your slocket & slot1 or socket370 mobo to take a Tualatin Celeron or Tualatin Pentium3. The Tualeron mod can save you having to upgrade to a whole new computer. A generic slotket can be just as good as a name brand sloket so don't throw it away. Learn how to remove the integrated copper heat spreader so you can better overclock your CPU with high performance copper heatsinks.


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Tualatin Performance Numbers

We thought it would be helpful to see what sort of performance other modders had achieved with their Tualatin Celeron modded computers.

Tuesday, December 24 , 2002


MS-6905 Meets the Tualeron Mod

It would be difficult to apply the right mod if you didn't know what version of MS-6905 you had. We worked out a mod for the MS-6905 1.1 Rev. A which "should" work on all of the non-'Master' versions.

Saturday, November 30 , 2002


The VID mod

We recommend the default voltage VID mod to get you going and prevent >2.0v initial power-ups. We had an adapter runaway to 2.2v before we applied the VID mod.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002


Tualatin-izing Your ABIT ZM-6

My motherboard is not Slot1, it's socket370. I don't have a slocket to mod so how can I put a Tualatin processor in my Celeron-only motherboard?

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Updated Sunday, November 10, 2002


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Slot-T Slot1 Slockets for sale

Wednesday, December 4 , 2002

We almost missed this one. While browsing the forums, I read USER Herbo's post on this adapter. Upgradeware has released a Slot1 slocket that is Tualatin CPU ready



Our forums are here

Saturday, November 23 , 2002

We have been tweaking the HTML of this site for the search engines and put together some forums so we can have at least one central place to post.

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Socket370 Pin Adapters for sale

Friday, October 18, 2002

While browsing the Mad Onion Tualeron forum I came across USER SSV's post on Upgradeware's S370 to S370T adapter called the 370GU.

PowerLeap also released a strikingly similar PL-NEO/T.


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