The Crew of Streaker

This file was based on the books Startide Rising, Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, and Heaven's Reach, and on the short story Temptation in book Far Horizons. These stories are referred in this page as the canon.

These stories, written by David Brin, are set in the Uplift Universe, where each intelligent species was uplifted from pre-sentient (animal) intelligence to spacefaring level - since the days of the Progenitors. Except Humans, the wolflings of Earth, for whom no one has found the Patrons.

This table follows the crew of Streaker along the books. An entry of ok means that the character was mentioned in the book. An entry in green means that the data was not mentioned in the book, but can be deduced with 100% certainty from the data in the other books. An entry in this shade of green means that the data is an extrapolation, with high certainty.

The Shift column is based on the hypothesis that - at least until the escape from Kithrup - the crew worked in 12 Earth Hour shifts. Half of the crew would work in the Day Shift (from 06:00 to 18:00 GMT) and the other half in the Night Shift (from 18:00 GMT to 06:00 GMT). Those hours usually don't correspond to the actual daylight periods of the planet.

This table contains spoilers. Those who haven't read those books and wish to do should not read this page. The exception are the data for Temptation, that are spoiler-free [except for the obvious fact that some dolphin crewmembers of Streaker are mentioned :-)]

Character pre-Startide Rising Shift Startide Rising pre-Infinity's Shore Infinity's Shore Heaven's Reach Temptation
150 dolphins + 5 born during the flight
Creideiki Captain N Left on Kithrup   ? some hints...  
Yachapa-Jean Vice-Captain,
dead in the Shallow Cluster
Takkata-Jim Stenos D became acting captain for a while,
killed near Kithrup
Hikahi Creideiki's wife ? left on Kithrup        
Tsh't Tom's friend ? became Captain,
but only for bureaucratic issues
sent a message to the Rothen killed two men killed by Emerson  
10 (or maybe 9) other crew members killed in the Shallow Cluster with Yachapa-Jean ?          
Akeakemai   D ok (Ch 3)     replaced Kaa as pilot  
Akki midshipman from Calafia,
Toshio's friend
D killed on Kithrup by K'tha-jon        
Brookida metallurgist,
Hannes's friend
? ok ok left on Jijo   ok
Bulla-jo cook ? ?     in charge of providing meals for 100 dolphins    
Chissis researcher and poet (?) ?     reversed and left on Jijo   ok
Chuchki Karkaett's mate ?     ok    
Hakukka-jo Stenos D fate unknown,
may have followed Takkata-Jim in exile
Haoke Tursiops D? killed by Moki on Kithrup when the Psi-bomb exploded        
Heurka-pete (Heurka in the Cast of Characters) comm-sec operator,
Stenos studying Keenenk
N ok        
Hiss-kaa probably Tursiops ? ok        
Hist-t friend of Emerson ? killed on Kithrup by the Tsunami        
Jecajeca astrophotographer ?     reversed and left on Jijo    
Kaa aka
Lucky Kaa
second pilot ? became pilot after Keepiru was left on Kithrup ok spyed upon the Hoons and Red Qheuen of Wuphon Port left Streaker and piloted a boat to Kazzkark base  
Karacha-jeff probably Tursiops ? ok        
Karkaett engineering mate ? ok   ok    
Keepiru Pilot ? left on Kithrup may have piloted the skiff through E-Space      
K'Hith planetologist ? killed on Kithrup by the Tsunami        
K'tha-jon officer with pseudo-orca genes D killed by Keepiru on Kithrup        
Makanee surgeon, from Melbourne-Under ? ok ok left on Jijo,
the total number of dolphins left on Jijo was 46,
plus Peepoe, Zhaki, Mopol and Kaa
Moki Stenos D killed by Keepiru on Kithrup        
Mopol spacer 2nd class ?     kidnapped Peepoe with Zhaki on Jijo   ok
Olachan nurse ?     probably remained on Jijo with Makanee to take care of children and reversed dolphins    
Olelo probably Tursiops ? ok        
Peepoe geneticist and nurse ?     kidnapped by Mopol and Zhaki on Jijo   ok
Phip-pit   ? killed on Kithrup by the killer weed        
Ph'Tow probably Tursiops ? ok        
Sah'ot Stenos linguist ? left on Kithrup        
Satima   ? survived the Tsunami   killed by an accident on Jijo    
Sawtoot   ? ok        
Sreekah-pol Stenos D probably died when Toshio's island imploded        
Ssassia   ? killed on Kithrup by the killer weeds        
Ssattatta   ? killed on Kithrup by the Tsunami        
Sup-peh (Suppeh in SR Chapter 48) from the South Atlantic community N ok   killed by an accident on Jijo    
Sus'ta Tursiops messman ? ok        
S'tat mess chief ? ok        
S'thata Tursiops cook ? ok        
(Tkaat in SR)
archeologist ? ok   left on Jijo   ok
Wattaceti probably Tursiops ? ok        
Zaa'pht   ? ok        
Zhaki spacer 3nd class ?     kidnapped Peepoe with Mopol on Jijo   ok
5 dolphins   ?   children of the Streaker crew left on Jijo in the care of Makanee and 3 nurses    
Tom Orley   ? left on Kithrup        
Gillian Baskin Physician;
Tom's wife
? became Captain de facto in the flight from Kithrup ok ok ok  
Hannes Suessi Engineer ? ok became a Cyborg in the Fractal System ok partially controlled  
Charles Dart Chimp Planetologist ? left on Kithrup        
Dennie Sudman   ? left on Kithrup        
Emerson D'Anite Engineer ? abnormally passive, in view of his future actions captured and maimed by Old Ones in the Shallow Cluster joined back Streaker defeated Old Ones plot  
Ignacio Metz Mad Scientist :-) ? killed on Kithrup by his own dolphins        
Toshio   ? left on Kithrup        
Sara Koolhan Mathematician from Dolo Village ?     joined Streaker ok  
Prity Sara's Chimp,
?     joined Streaker with Sara ok  
Hph-wayuo aka Alvin Hoon of Wuphon Port ?   Captured Many adventures Left with Kaa to Kazzkark  
a tribe of Kiquis   ? stayed on Kithrup with Keepiru et al        
about 12 Kiquis   ? snatched by Makanee from Kithrup died during the trip      
about 12 other Kiquis   ? snatched by Makanee from Kithrup   left on Jijo   ok
some new Kiquis   ?   born during long trip left on Jijo   ok
Niss a Tymbrimi Agent gave it secretly to Tom ? revealed itself to Streaker's crew to effect escape from Kithrup ok ok ok  

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