Welcome to the Underwater Lair of the Amazonian Mermaid

Hello, friends and visitors,
feel free to drop in and stay a while. This page was formerly just a personal page for my friends and myself, but I have decided to turn it into a story page. I put up a bunch of pictures, and several of my english projects. If you've got anything better I can use for my background, please send it to me. I don't like this background.
My friend Kelly has been writing a novella, and she sent it to me so that I could put it up here. Read it. I haven't bothered to format most of it, because that sounded difficult.

-The Amazonian Mermaid

August 4, 2003

My Main Story

What I'm working on right now.

Books to read

My reccomended reading.


One of my current interests is computers. I've been reading about them, and I think I've learned quite a bit. Enough, anyway, to know there is A LOT left to learn.

Look at The Matrix. Read the Conscience of a Hacker. (I think she wants this to be a link, but heck if I can find where she wants it to link to.. - Ed.)

My literature

I'm putting up works in progress for english class for you to critique. Good luck.

Dorm Life

These are the photos of dorm life that I don't want mom to view. Other photos can be found at the Neely Hall website.

Hiking Trip

I went hiking, and took a bunch of pictures.

The Hogwart's Scripters Cabal

An Amateur Round Robin

Manito Park Pictures

These are pictures of flowers that I took at Manito Park.

Art on the Green

Art on the green was fun this year. If you've never gone, you should e-mail me and ask me about it. It's fun! :-)


This is a forum I got somewhere or other, where you can post all of your comments about everything written here. Please keep them organized by the piece you're talking about. Have a nice day!

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