blake's home sector Virtual Adept Icon

  010: LABEL "Blake's Home Sector"
  020: LABEL "Resources for Mage: the Ascension RPG"
  030: SET Virtual_Address = 00001001 [09 00]
  100: GOTO AMS ;"Advanced Magick System for Mage: the Ascension."
  110: GOTO Tools ;"Rotes and Talismans for Mage: the Ascension."
  120: GOTO DATA ;"Miscellaneous Information."
  130: GOTO Kudos ;"Positive Comments on my work."
  199: GOTO WEB ;"World Wide Web resources."
  200: SEND MAIL ;"E-mail me with your comments about this Sector."
  210: READ LOG ;"Examine recent records left by visitors to this Sector."
  215: READ ARCH ;"Examine archived records left by visitors to this Sector."
  220: LOGON ;"Register your visit. This leaves an unrestricted record that others can view."
  299: READ History ;"Examine a chronological record of changes to this Sector."
  830: REM "This Page is a mundane reflection of the Digital Web Home Sector of an Awakened Virtual Adept"
  840: REM "All Magickally active Code and references have been WIECK-encrypted and will appear as nothing more than supplemental materials for the Role Playing Game, Mage: the Ascension"
  850: REM "WIECK-encrypted text blocks are delimitted by square bracketts []"
  860: REM "To obtain decryption keys contact Blake at [the Spy's Demise] or concentrate on the Virtual Adept Icon and cast [Hardware or 'Wetware' Entry]"
  870: REM "[Mage: the Ascension and other terms used in these pages are Trademarks of White Wolf Game Studios, and use thereof is not a challenge thereto (or something like that)]. Don't you just hate Syndicate incantations?"
  900: PRINT "All writing in this site (excepting Trademarks of White Wolf Game Studios) is Copyrighted, 94, 97, 98 by Tony Vargas"
  999: END OF FILE