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The Games of Saberhaven

The 2001 Tournament has begun! The brackets are filled but you can still submit new chaarcters and participate in non-tounemant fights. Who knows, if you do well enough, you could secure a spot in the next tournament. View 2001 Tournament

Welcome to the Games of Saberhaven! We're in our fourth year of fights and our third generation of DMs and players. For those not familiar with the Games of Saberhaven, this is where the toughest beings from every plane struggle to capture the title Grand Champion. This is an ongoing play by email (PBeM) Arena-style AD&D game that will accept anyone as a player! With our open submission policy, you can submit a character to compete in the Arena and then run fights against other PCs or NPCs.

Before you submit a character, please read over the Character Generation Guidelines. Then read through the AD&D House Rules and Arena Rules of Engagement before your first fight. The DMs have to okay your character before you can start.

As one player puts it, "Create the toughest character you can think of. All the character ideas that you have had over the years, but discarded or toned down because it was too powerful (i.e. a munchkin) are perfect here."

You have the option to challenge a specific opponent (see competitors) or add your name to the pool and have fights assigned to you. To become ranked, characters have to work thier way up. When they win, they gain "points" which can be spent for magic items, xp or gold.

Between fights, characters can monitor currently running fights. Feel free to wander through town, visit a tavern or merchant, or even join a contingency on your quest to become the Grand Champion.

We currently have five DMs running fights and a character pool of over 150! A listserv is set up for weekly news updates and a bulletin board is in place for in-character communications. Contact the Games head DM Jared with more questions.

Enjoy the city...and good luck. You'll need it.