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 The Games

Note: These races may not be used in the Games of Saberhaven.


On Terra Dyne, the elves and dwarves were split as a people several times and forces to new areas through wars and troubled times. You'll find desert
elves and dwarves from the southern Red Desert while in the cold north the epic struggle between Snow Dwarf and Ice Man continues.
Humanoid (Mutant races)
Some humanoid races were formed by the gods (
Winged Folk). Others were created by evil wizards combining humans and animals. The great jungle is full of such creatures including the half-man/half-scorpion beast called a Manpion, the intelligent ape Primatians, the cat-men Kizinni. In the Far West, Dragon mages have spawned mutant Dragon Men, half man and half dragon.
The Titan Lord of Undead rules his dark island of Kaza with fearsome undead residing there, the intelligent skeletons called
Skels, the Mind Flayer beyond death, Death Flayer, and the animated corpse of the thri-kreen, skelto-kreen.
Some strange things happened a few years ago when magic went awry in Terra Dyne. The
Squid of Dispair was one of many side effects of the Darkening.