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 The Games

New Psionics

Psionicist Kits Zedek Warrior
Psionic Powers
Psychometabolic Sciences

Cardio Wrench

Negative Plane Protection
Repel Undead
Psychometabolic Devotions Bone Armor


Life Burst
Reverse Aging
Metapsionic Devotions Positive Energy Boost
Release Spirit
Psychokinetic Sciences Bind Spirit
Psychokinetic Devotions Control Spirits
Undead Barrier

Telepathic Devotions

Psychoportive Devotions Etherealness
Clairsentient Sciences Undead Reading

Download All Psionics Info (zipped Word 97 file)
(last updated 11/30/00)

Note: These psionics may not be used in the Games of Saberhaven.