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When Attrice the Great created the titans and giantkind they spoke Saharan, the first language. Now lost to all but Attrice himself, Saharan evolved into two new languages, Low Ogam and High Ogam. The high version of Ogam was developed by the more intellectual giants while the lesser intelligent developed the low form.

In Terra Dyne, character may learn languages through either the Ancient Languages or Modern Languages Proficiencies. To select languages for your character, you can browse all languages alphabetically or broken down into Modern/Ancient categories.

Langauges are also categorized by their common base. All languages follow the lines of Common, Dwarf, Elf, Faerie, Giant, Gnome/Halfling or Humanoid. The list can be viewed sorted by category.

Languages are also broken down by region. Some languages are far reaching and others are local dialects. The list can be viewed sorted by region.

For those with interest, a language tree is available to trace the development of specific languages.

There are 108 languages that evolved from Saharan. The above lists do not inlcude any of the dragon languages or any mutant race languages which developed independantly.