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As I'm now disabled with irreparable damage to the median nerve in both hands I have to modify my web designing activities. The cause: "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" from 5 years hard work as a food handler. I can still fiddle with web design, albeit I'm much slower than I used to be, and can only use the mouse for about 20 minutes at a time. Then I have to rest my numb hand until some sensation returns: I usually just read or watch tv. But, given enough lead time, it would please me to do _some_ webpage design and maintenance, and graphic design work. It helps make me feel less "useless".

I offer elegance and efficiency no matter what sort of webpage or site you wish to construct. I firmly believe that the very best designs are a partnership, a joint effort of the web designer and the client: the artistic talent and skill of the former giving life to the innovative concepts and ideas of the latter.

I prefer to limit the use of animated GIFs as they can slow down the loading speed of your site considerably (but they are fun). I also prefer to completely avoid use of JAVA, use of music, blinking anything, and only a limited use of frames {As on this Page}, avoiding use of too many bandwidth-wasting frivolities. Framed sites take forever to load, and mostly serve only to annoy those who visit to your site.

Remember: How easy is it for a Surfer to get bored waiting for your site to load and surf right on out of your life, away from the opportunities you can offer? So it behooves us to make our html coding as tight and tidy as possible to streamline webpage loading, while letting the Surfer, a prospective customer, have a little fun.

PLCM Screen Designs, Ltd.

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