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I'm actively researching all of my ancestors, direct line and related families. Data base on Brother's Keeper 5.2 is around 13,000 names and rapidly growing. Most research and names from Alabama, Georgia and Texas. MONTGOMERY, BURNS, JORDAN, BOWLING, KILGORE, OWEN, MACHEN names are being actively pursued. Click on options for an idea if you are pursuing similar lines.

Snail-mail info at: 2629 Norwood Avenue, Anniston, Alabama 36201. 205-236-7918 Monday thru Sunday 7:30 AM till 12 Noon Central Time; Answering Machine screens calls; i.d. yourself and I will pick up; if no pick up leave message and I'll get back to you.

Nearly Complete Descendant Directories for Charles Burns Sr. of Henry County, VA; Robert Montgomery of St. Clair County, AL; James Marion Jordan of Haralson County, GA; David Bowling of Haralson County, GA , Robert Greer Kilgore Sr. of Haralson County, GA; James "Jacob" Owen of Chatham County, NC & John Machen Jr. of Middlesex County, VA are available upon email request.

Part of the "fun" of genealogy is sharing the research with cousins. If you think we might be related please contact me.


Expanded Ancestors for Larry Jordan Montgomery


Click here to download a copy of the Expanded Ancestors for Larry Jordan Montgomery

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