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It's not really that big a mystery...
The initials stand for "Pamela Lynn Caruthers-Montgomery".

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A little bit about myself...

For over 20 years (starting at age 19 when I discovered there were OTHER people who liked that kind of stuff) I was very heavily involved in science fiction "fandom" in the Southern U.S., often attending as many as twelve conventions a year. I've been Guest of Honor at one convention, Fan Guest of Honor at another, & Special Guest at numerous other conventions. I've served as a panelist on a variety of topics. I'm considered to be a Southern "Fannish Legend", holder of the coveted REBEL Award, presented to me in 1985 for my many and varied contributions over the years toward Southern Fandom as a whole.

For those twenty years I also carried on various extensive correspondences with fellow fans, and with professional writers, editors, artists, and publishers of the genre from all over the U.S. and beyond. So in that sense, writing messages for net & echo mail came naturally to me -- with the added lure of "instant gratification" via much more rapid response time. I also was involved with science-fiction "fanzines" and the Small Press -- publishing, editing, writing and doing artwork. I still do fillo art for several Southern zines, including the many-times Hugo-nominated FOSFAX.

For five years I ran a non-profit information service called the SOUTHERN FANDOM CONFEDERATION [SFC]. I am now President Emeritus of that organization. When I "discovered" the world of BBSing, I severed most of my ties with Greater Fandom. [Funny thing, though: that's what happened to the SFC's founder & my predecessor... He GAFIAted (Got Away From It All) into Computer Bulletin Boards. A guy called Meade Frierson III, who's a corporate lawyer in Birmingham.]

In my other free time I read voraciously, write an occasional non-fiction article, and do calligraphy & "filler" art for various small-press publications. I also do my best to answer questions about writing, computing, and science fiction fandom whenever I get a phone call. And I help new-users, whether they have been programming for years or have never touched a computer before.

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