Crises In Infinite Worlds

Thanks for dropping by. This is John McMullen's page for discussing--

Well, nothing, really. Because they're going to close down Geocities sometime this year, and I haven't the time to put into finding a replacement.

So this site's going away, and everything on it. (Oh, I'll save a copy, but that won't be much good to you, will it?)

Thanks, and it's been fun. Here's what you can find while it's still here:

Articles about role-playing or RPGs or writing or, well, stuff. Some of these are articles I posted to Usenet groups; some of them are articles I began with the intent of selling to magazines, but never did.
Descriptions of campaign worlds. I have campaign worlds I'm very fond of, from the Canadian DC Heroes sidekick campaign to the SF campaign on the Alderson Disk, from the fantasy world where vampires have citizenship in the city of Aegis to the Dark Champions: Heroes of Vengeance campaign I ran which seemed to exist primarily in coffee-shops... tter, actually -- but interest and responses will play a part.

Currently there are several up, although they are (by their very nature) incomplete.

This includes the Zombies stuff and the CORPS stuff.

Tools I've written or found which help me in the world-creation biz. The first two are PDF files for some useful DC Heroes forms (a character sheet and some of the charts from the game). Other tools which will appear here will be trivial -- I'm no great shakes as a programmer. But a program that spits out random names can be very useful in the twenty minutes before the gang arrives for their weekly dose of mania and mayhem.
There are some places you oughta be able to go. There are some articles I can't reproduce. That's what this is about.

The Games

I GM the following games systems on a more-or-less regular basis:

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Although I use tables, I scorn other graphical fripperies, these ought to look okay (though I know the tables don't work well with Lynx). I check these pages with both Netscape Navigator 3 and with Lynx.

If you have problems viewing these pages, tell me.

The Title?

Oh, that.

Well, partly it's an homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths, since a lot of the stuff up here will involve superhero RPGs. But also, I think it's a pretty fair description of writing...of stories.

Stories are (usually) about people at crisis points in their lives -- a story is the most important event or epiphany of a character's life. And since we're not restricting ourselves to the mundane world, there are infinite worlds on which to have these crises. Hence...Crises On Infinite Worlds.

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