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  The gates of Cragenmoor swing open once again.  Arcane powers flow through the ether, into to the prime awaiting new victims to find them.

It's often that a new victim does appear, because is the envy of all mortals.  So come into the Tower of Cragenmoor once again, mortal.  Your time has come...your desires are within.

Cragenmoor is a site detailing IRC Roleplaying Games, Taelgar (a fantasy world for the AD&D™ game system, and links to other sites dealing with many of the same issues.

NEW: Computer RPG Section in progress.  Right now the only Computer games it features are those created in house. 

Links Section Updated.

These brave adventurers have entered the Tower.


New:   This website is finally being updated.

The Taelgar section is being worked on. This will be a complete resource for the game.

The IRC Gaming section is where all information pertaining to the IRC RPGs hosted by use will be posted.

Many files are being moved to the new FantaSoft website. Only files specific to this site will be located here.

The links section is being worked on.

[Tamara Cover]
Tamara Area
The Tamara Sourcebook is currently being written.  Here's the latest information.
(This is taking longer than expected)

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