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For those of you who haven't been here before, welcome to my webspace! My name is J. Stephen Bolhafner, but my friends call me Steve. Below is an explanation of the site, with all the links from the above table embedded with their descriptions.

I've abandoned my "This Week's Good Read" column again, in case you haven't noticed. I'm going to be working on reorganizing this whole site soon -- concentrating on the books and featuring irregular longer reviews along with the capsule reviews on the books page.

I haven't updated this site in a loooooooong time, except to add this paragraph, which I'm doing because I just got a note from geocities that if I don't update something here they're going to delete the whole shebang.

I'm a librarian by trade, a part-time freelance writer and a long time comics reader. A few years ago I talked the Book Editor at the Post-Dispatch (the newspaper where I work) into running occasional reviews of "graphic novels" (a term I despise - see my "Comics or Comic Books?" rant to see why). Several Book Editors later, I still get an occasional piece in. I also read and review science fiction and fantasy. For a short time I was reviewing comics for "Get Out," the entertainment magazine published with the Post-Dispatch on Thursdays; a couple of these are mixed in with the "graphic novel" reviews even though they're actually about series. And I've interviewed several comics creators and science fiction writers. All the interviews and several of the reviews are available here.d

I have a list of comics magazines (they're not really books, now, are they? - see "Comics or Comic Books?") that I think are worth reading, and a similar list of comic books (what most people call graphic novels). Both lists are old an badly in need of updating. Feel free to e-mail me if you know of any links to pages devoted to comics listed here.

My descriptions of Cerebus, Sandman, and Love and Rockets grew large enough to deserve their own separate pages. I may do that with some other series in the future.

You can read my guestbook or sign my guestbook. I'm afraid I don't check it as often as I should. If you want feedback, you're better off sending me an e-mail.

My links page includes a big batch of comics links, plus will eventually have all the links referenced on any of my pages. Like everything else here, it's badly in need of updating. (The date at the bottom of the page is the date I wrote these words. Most of this stuff is a year old or older.)

And, finally, I've included a link to my other website, a News Research site I call The Morgue.

Feel free to browse around. That's what it's here for.

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