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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is Anne Whitaker's version. Copyright of this text resides with the original author. [The chart use for this prediction can be found here.]

Born on an Eclipse: A Life Directed by Fate?

Prince William was born in London, England, at 9:03 pm, on June 21, 1982. His birth took place just after a solar eclipse at the Summer Solstice, an especially powerful moment in time where Sun, Moon and North Node were closely aligned in the baby prince’s Seventh House (relationships) in the emotional sign of Cancer (feeling, caring and nurturing).

Eclipses are the great power points of the zodiac. They run through space and time in regular series called Saros cycles. The Saros cycles take about 1200 years to travel from the North to the South Pole, and vice versa. Each series has a different founding horoscope and a different theme.

William was born into a series called 2 Old North, which began in 792 AD, just before the first recognized English king, Egbert, was crowned. It is due to end in 2036 AD, when William is 54. This raises many questions. The most obvious is whether William, if he becomes the king of Great Britain, might in fact be the last.

The meaning of the Saros 2 Old North Series is said to be that of “separation or ending of unions,” a theme very clearly lived out in William’s life to date. He has had to endure his parents’ separation in December 1992, their subsequent divorce and his mother’s shocking death on August 31, 1997, when he was only fifteen. The intensely public way in which those dramatic events unfolded has adversely affected the British public’s attitude toward the monarchy, and may have a serious impact in years to come.

The solar eclipse under which William was born connects strongly with the Cancer Sun of his great-great-uncle Edward VIII, who gave up the British throne for the love of Wallis Simpson in 1936. His father, Prince Charles, did the opposite, putting royal duty before his love for Camilla when he married the Cancerian Diana, William’s mother, in 1981. Perhaps William’s intensely emotional nature and powerful need for relationship will, in due time, provoke a crisis for both man and nation, with the theme of Sun (kingship) eclipsed by Moon (emotional needs, female partner) arising again in the British royal family.

A Private, Caring Man: Sun and Moon in Cancer

The Cancerian emphasis brings a powerful drive to care for, cherish and protect others (Sun), and a strong need to give and receive emotional safety, privacy and security (Moon) that is focused on personal relationships (Seventh House). Princess Diana also had a Cancer Sun in the Seventh House; William should thus inherit her legendary ability to make people feel cherished, important and safe.

The Cancerian line-up is challenged by a harsh square (90 degree aspect) from Mars and Saturn in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra. This clash indicates William’s strong sense of duty and commitment to others’ well being, which may often come into conflict with his own needs. It also illustrates the potential for loss of loved ones, which became tragically real in August 1997.

Although there is a painful, vulnerable dimension to the intense sensitivity and deep feeling nature that goes with a Cancerian emphasis, the combination of Sun and Moon in Cancer carries many gifts, too. Its association with love of history, tradition and the past is already evident in William’s choice of art history as his major university subject. He has chosen to go to St. Andrews, one of the oldest universities in Scotland. He should also be emotionally perceptive, and capable of deep and lasting love, as well as having a powerful, poetic imagination.

With this placement he is likely to be canny and shrewd in any business dealings—very helpful if you are as rich as he is! Also, as king, he would be very conscious of the importance of upholding Great Britain’s national traditions and very concerned with the welfare of all its citizens.

Adventure Calls: Sagittarius Rising and a Strongly Placed Jupiter

The Cancerian emphasis on privacy and introversion greatly contrasts with the outgoing, adventurous and dynamic side to Prince William shown by the strong emphasis in his horoscope on the Sagittarian theme, its ruling planet Jupiter and its associated house, the Ninth. This shows that William is a philosophical man driven to “boldly go” in pursuit of adventure, education, mind-broadening experience and ethical principles through which life can be lived as positively as possible.

Jupiter in Roman mythology was the king of the gods. William has Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven (career/vocation point), which is a classic significator for the birth of a king. So he is likely to be very well aware of his royal status and the power and influence that goes with it.

Prince William in the New Millennium

It is evident already that William will not be a mere playboy king-in-waiting. The astrology of this year is very interesting in describing his unfolding path. Eclipse patterns repeat in an eighteen-year cycle, and the return of the Cancer eclipse series under which he was born took place on July 1, 2000, bringing the theme of caring for others to the fore, and reminding him that his mother’s legacy is ready to be taken up.

The adventurous planet Jupiter, so strongly placed at birth in the vocational angle of his horoscope, is also very active in the skies right now, influencing the sectors concerning how he uses his personal creativity and communicative ability (Mercury in Fifth House) in offering something positive and innovative to the human family (Uranus in Eleventh House).

In October, the young prince flew off to Santiago, the capital of Chile. The project, for which he raised his expense money himself, was to spend ten weeks working with Raleigh International, the UK’s leading youth development charity, which takes youngsters between the ages of seventeen and 25 on challenging projects in deprived overseas environments. Reports in the national and international press and TV last month show what a success he has made of this project, and how well he has got on with everyone regardless of age or status.

The adventurous planet Jupiter, still located in the Sixth House (work and service), will be conjuncting William's Mercury (communication, varied stimulation) again in April 2001, and making a flowing link to his Mars in Libra (action in relationship with others) in the Ninth House of foreign travel, education and learning. It looks from this as though he'll be taking off on his travels again this spring on a trip that brings testing and maturing experiences and big lessons in relationships (Saturn in Libra in the Ninth House) his way.

Both his parents, whatever their personal faults and weaknesses, put a lot of energy into good causes. From what we know of William to date, it looks as though he will be following in their footsteps, dedicating a lot of his energy as a king-in-waiting to the welfare of his people, and to the wider human community.

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