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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] As many as twenty different House Systems exist. Each House System will place the cusps [the start] of the houses in a different place. They therefore affect which house a planet is calculated to lie in. As houses are constructions and not observations of the heavens we can not use views of the night skies to work out which House System is the most accurate.

Prince William - Comparison of the Results of the House Systems: However, we can at least compare them. Shown below is a table for seven of the most commonly used House Systems. It shows to which house a particular House System assigns each planet at the birth of Prince William.

Follow this link to see the various Tropical Zodiac Charts from which the table below was composed.

Heavenly Body Alcabitius  Campanus  Equal  Koch  Meridian  Placidus  Porphyry  Regiomontanus  Vehlow 
Sun  7th  7th  7th  7th  6th  7th  7th  7th  7th 
Mercury  5th  6th  6th  6th  5th  5th  5th  6th  6th 
Venus  5th  5th  5th  5th  4th  5th  5th  5th  6th 
Moon  7th  7th  7th  7th  5th  7th  7th  7th  7th 
Mars  9th  8th  10th  9th  9th  9th  9th  9th  10th 
Jupiter  9th  9th  11th  9th  9th  9th  9th  9th  11th 
Saturn  9th  9th  10th  9th  9th  9th  9th  9th  11th 
Uranus  11th  12th  12th  11th  10th  11th  11th  11th  12th 
Pluto   9th  9th  10th  9th  9th  9th  9th  9th  11th 
Neptune  12th  12th  12th  12th  11th  12th  12th  12th  1st 

The above table shows that for Prince William, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Jupiter and Neptune each appear in one of two houses depending on the choice of House System. Over half the planets, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune can appear in one of three different houses depending on the House System used!

A comparison of Placidus, Koch and Equal house, the three most commonly used House Systems in Western astrology shows major differences for William between Equal House and the other two [six planets are in different houses comparing Equal and Placidus] and only minor differences for William between Placidus and Koch [one planet].*

Unfortunately none of the above helps us pick the House System we should use for Prince William. Whilst Placidus and Koch are similar, for him, they could be similarly inaccurate in their forecasts, for all we know, and Equal house, or any of the other systems could be better. We simply don't know.

 *I don't think the particular case of Prince William's planets on the Tropical Zodiac Charts makes a very useful guide to general differences between Placidus and Koch charts. The differences for an individual would vary greatly for where their planets lay on the Tropical Zodiac wheel.  At the latitude of London the 1/7 and 3/9 house pairs are very different sizes between the two  types and the 2/8 pair is in quite a different place.  [William's main planet clusters are found on the charts at the end of ninth and start of seventh houses where the house size makes little difference and he has no 2/8 planets in these House Systems.]  On the other hand, for someone whose planets cluster in 4-6, 10-12 houses on the Tropical Zodiac wheel, the results of Placidus and Koch would be identical.

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