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The Official Thulamela page

Welcome to this corner of CyberSpace. Thank you in advance for your effort and the time spend. If it wasn't worthwhile, take the dragon by the tail and flame me.

The mission: interesting information with a high signal-to-noise ratio in an easy accessible form that is both browser and thumbnail friendly.

Added recently

  1. University of Pretoria, Jool MM - Students on the rampage for charity
  2. We have started a Tourist Information Centre - Visit us on Church Square
  3. The art of braaiing - an important part of food preparation during excavations (19990813)


  4. tube.SA
    So far only a few photos (19990418)

  5. Silent Lesson
  6. Mind-It Update Notification
  7. Shaw, the Main Man of Bones
  8. Mapungubwe on the Farm Greefswald
    Start of the Virtual Tour
    A behind the scenes look at the life and times of research done at Mapungubwe. Images combined with text will give you an idea of what goes on from the start to end of an excavation.
  9. Please take my poll
  10. South African Archaeological Resources
    A collection of links to material containing references to Southern African Archaeology. If you have something which should be here, please let me know.


  1. Archaeology
    News on excavations in South Africa seen from my viewpoint. I will try and add images and commentary as they come available.

  2. Photo gallery
    I started photography as a hobby in 1979. Hobby, study and work converged. Some of the results are displayed in the gallery. This area will now be regularly updated and rotated.
  3. Writing and Recipes
  4. Humour
  5. Fractals
  6. Afrikaanse area.
  7. Works in progress
    Material on which I am busy working - opinions welcome
  8. Archive
    These are older material which are now only of historical value and are kept to maintain links. .
  9. Links
    Links to other sites on the Web with a short description of some. I try to keep them of a high quality or highly relevant to the particular subject.
  10. Gateway to other sites designed and maintained by me
    Maestro's Webspace Gateway

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