The "Hanging Gardens" of Bangalore

"Hanging Gardens of Bangalore?", never heard of them, must be a mistake, the only "Hanging Gardens" are those of "Babylon"! Who Said So? Take a look around and you will find many houses that have beautiful sprays of vines that rest hanging on their walls, giving the passer-by a glimpse of the beauty that nature so freely gives and we so eagerly try to destroy. Now instead of gardens on "terra firm" we find them on the "roof-tops" away from all and enclosed in a concrete casket of walls and glass. There are a few that love to show the flowers to all, and I hope to capture a few of these " Hanging Gardens", ofcourse, I may even add some of the "roof-top" gardens too, from time to time. They say "The Grass is always Greener on the Otherside", sometimes they are correct, as the photo above is of my neighbours 'late' garden, that was really captivating, but now unfortunately, the caged beast of concrete and steel has scooped it out, and squatted in the cavity. Note the colourful bougainvillea 'hanging' from the portieco. I hope you don't mind the noise of the traffic as most of these houses are seated on busy roads with the mayhem buzzing your ears.

Dr. Alphonsus Lopez's Garden

The Garden of Audrey King

Entrance to the Garden of Audrey King and her old house which tody is nomore.

Audrey King and Maisy Johnson inbetween the garden

The Queen of Flowers commanding her Empire

Audrey and Brig. Leslie King during a stroll in their garden

The Flowers in the Garden of a MNC Corporate Office, Bangalore

The Garden of St. Joseph's Boys' High School, Bangalore

This page is under construction, as the "Hanging Gardens" are still to bloom! Some "Gardens" like Dr. Lopez's may also be featured. Will be back with some more, so why don't you also come back and visit.... Thanks, Bye for the Moment, See You Again. If you liked your trip, please let me know, and any advice from a "greenthumb" would be welcome, Cheers, Check Out the "Feet" below, for"Wild Thing"!! RONNIE

Wild Flowers around Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore

A Single Rose (Bangalore) that is the Garden of India

Flowers and Gardens of Bangalore

The Independance Jubilee Flower Show at Lalbagh, check out also Lalbagh above "human bluefeet" !

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