Wild Thing!

"Wild Thing!!", Puts you back in the early '70's, Why Not!, thinking of "Easy Rider" and all the "Hells Angles" and their bikes, hair flowing in the wind and shattering noise.... of course we have the same out here, we have instead thunderous noise, bone rattling, dust before and after you, and all the joys of wild life. That's if you ever go by bike or bus to any of the places of relaxation outside Bangalore. During a visit to Balmari Falls two weeks back (mid Feb '98) , I decided to branch off from the gang that I came with and go along the dusty path , carefully avoiding the hidden "unavoidables" , looking for flora, I got a surprise, there was quite a collection to be seen. We miss it when we are travelling in a vehicle, but the moment you are on ground and looking around the hedges, there is a variety that you cannot find in the City. Have fun, the leaves show you the dusty roads, and it was around 2.30 in the afternoon, so the sun was quite up and around, I was in a hurry to get out of it's way too!!, Cheers Ronnie


Bye for the Moment, See You Again. If you liked your trip, please let me know, and any advice from a "greenthumb" would be welcome, Cheers RONNIE

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