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Session I 
"So You're a 

Session II  
"So How Do I 
Cast A Spell?" 

Whitch Way is an interactive educational site about the Witch's way of life.  During the sessions, you will be given choices and you decide Whitch Way you want to go. 

It's best to go through the sessions in order as the later sessions will make reference to things that happened in previous sessions. 

Have fun and may all your choices prove fruitful!
Coming Soon:  Session III -- "So How Do I Divine the Future?"

Ask Doris
Since it's debut, Whitch Way seems to have generated as many questions as it answered.  So if patience isn't one of your virtues and you have a question that just can't wait until another session finally rolls around, don't fret, because now you can Ask Doris. 

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Additional images are added continuously as the Muses see fit. 

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