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Fight For Your Right to Party?
What About...

Citizenship....Where do your rights come from? Civil rights are given to you by the government, while sovereign rights are God-given.
Do you know what country you live in? I live in America, in one of the united states of America.
No! I don't live in the United States; the United States is the man-made corporation set up to defend our God-given rights.
Is your citizenship a matter of being a citizen of (subject to) the corporation The United States? Have you been swindled out of your constitutional rights, and now want to restore your citizenship to a Sovereign Citizenship?

Welcome to the open forum for freedom lovers.

Can an "old dog" learn new tricks?
Better yet, can an "old dog" learn forgotten tricks?
Did you ever hear of America, land of the free and home of the brave?

  • Why don't more Americans live free?
  • Why aren't more Americans brave enough to stand up for their God-given rights and the law of the land?
  • Why aren't more concerned enough to learn?
  • Why are so many Americans willing to enslave our future generations?
  • And as has been asked, Why don't "we" do something about it instead of complain? Look again, Buster.

    Statement of Purpose

  • Objective - Freedom, equally and with accountibility.
  • Why? ... America is not free anymore. We are losing the battle!
  • How? Education! ... in regard to American citizenship, according to the constitution and original intent. Knowledge is power! Being well informed gives confidence to act.
  • How? Action! Living by a code and promoting it.
  • With? Bravery! Yes, it takes courage.
  • With? Faith! Faith in God the Creator -- Not in ourselves. Only this faith produces respect for the rights of our fellow man.
  • With? Networking! There is strength in numbers.

    Affidavits of Truth! -
    Read a copy of the important Affidavits I filed that state my legal status, which is not contested. See an example of "taking action."

    There are many benefits to gain.
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    The Constitution Notebook Program

    Download your free copy of this excellent self-study program of the constitution, Now!

    The Sovereign Workshop -
    gives you Much to Learn! Now, Download many Files Free.

    -The United States Code-

    -The Social Security Act Of 1935-

    - Library of Congress -
    Don't take their word for it! Read It!

    Where's the Water? Admirality on the Land?

    Admirality Courts in Colorodo?

    U.S.A., The Republic - How You Lost It! How You Can Get It Back!

    And Let's Go Barefootin, to..
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    Site Of Freedom Technology

    Honestly Educationing And Restoring Truth

    Promoting Our Liberty Instilling Courage In America

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