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Nooo, Noooooo! Don't eat it!
Read about McGwire's latest ad campaign involving McDonalds, finally creating the perfect union between good and evil. Message to Mark: Beef up on androsteindione all you want, just stay away from the evil hamburgers! Let's all just pray he didn't eat that Big Mac.
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This is simply proof of something we already knew. McCholesterol, McCancer, and McCardiac Disease take many lives each year. Take the advice of the sign and stop Ronald before he really does kill again.
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Character Profiles
• Ronald McDonald - the man in charge
• Grimace - loveable friend, or fat pile of goo?
• Hamburglar - a convict for all ages!
• Birdie - McDonald's answer to the feminist movement
• Iam Hungry - the newest member to the clan brings a storied past
• The Happy Guys - Spokescritters of the world famous Happy Meal
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  We here at McDonald's Exposed we think that what we're up against is more than just some lousy fast food joint.  Read on if you dare.....
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people have nearly choked to death on a Big Mac

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