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Child Pornography Exists on the Internet
In USENET Newsgroups it Flourishes Unchecked
This is a Flagrant Violation of United States Law
And a Violation of the basic Code of Humanity and Respect

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USENET newsgroups consist of some 15,000+ topical entities which constitute an immense worldwide forum for discussion and discourse. These newsgroups actually pre-date the existence of the World Wide Web and are now an integral part of the "internet experience". These forums for discussion range in subject from Ancient Art to Zen Buddhism, and within the "threaded" structure of each group emerges the true spirit of debate and a poignant example of freedom of speech. Though a few newsgroups are moderated (having a designated member of the group with oversight powers to keep the discussion on track,) most newsgroups are free forums, and may seem at times like free-for-alls, but taken as a whole, they provide a noble service in giving each and every user an equal voice.

Despite its most noble intent, the darkest side of the internet will be found within a small number of newsgroups. The very existence of these groups are an irony in that they are very literally ILLEGAL. These are the Pedophilia or Pedophile newsgroups. Perhaps at one time, these forums functioned as discussion groups for people of similar, though no less frightening interests, that being the exploitation of children for the sexual gratification of the adults who control them.

Technology now allows for the instantaneous electronic transmission of pictures over the internet. These pictures are converted or encoded to a binary format and sent in a similar manner as a text message. The process is as simple as sending an email. Once uploaded, the encoded binary message appears within the newsgroup where it can be downloaded by any user and decoded back into its original form, and when this decoded format is accessed through a image viewer, it becomes a photograph. I have witnessed for myself some of the images that have emerged from the pedophilia newsgroups (WARNING: The following paragraph is a graphic description of what exists in these newsgroups. Some readers may find this offensive.)

Images of grown men sodomizing young boys, a very young girl pinned to a bed while having a bottle inserted into her vagina. One series of pictures which I will never forget was entitled BABYRAPE. It was a series of seven pictures depicting a man removing a diaper from an infant girl, inserting his fingers into her vagina and finally having sexual intercourse with her.
This was an infant..... A baby.
It appears as if there is nothing too extreme for these child pornography groups.

My sense of disgust had been piqued immediately, but having seen the pictures called BABYRAPE, from that point on, it became my cause and commitment to work against those who would exploit the weak, the children, and to ultimately work and organize others to help fight child pornography on the internet.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: If anyone should doubt what I have described above, if you find any curiousity in what I have mentioned, I feel a legal obligation to urge you not to go looking into these newsgroups for yourself.
That is the strange irony I mentioned earlier. That our Internet Service Providers make this material available to us.... BUT, if you enter these groups and download one single picture, you will have commited a crime, a felony punishable by fines and a possible imprisonment.

You may ask yourself: "Why does my Internet Service Provider make this material available to me if it is illegal?"

That is an excellent question, for more answers on that point please go the top of the page and click on the icon titled GET INVOLVED

Sadly, our Internet Service Providers (ISP's), the Internet Community and our Law Enforcement Agencies have turned a blind eye to this shocking and sickening exploitation of innocent children. If the agencies of government and law enforcement groups are unable to cope with this tragedy of exploited children and psychological abuse, then WE must act. The citizens of the internet community must stand up, if we don't stand up for the rights of the weak, then what kind of society are we going to become? And if we don't stand up with the law on our side and demand the removal of these ILLEGAL child pornography groups (click on the word LIST to view the newsgroups available to the average user,) if we don't stand against it, then we might as well endorse it because the situation will remain the same, child pornography will have found a safe home on the internet and the pedophiles will have won. The children then, will have to continue to suffer.

In my two years on the internet I've watched these child porn groups grow, not shrink..... but grow larger and more bold.

We can have an impact on what kind of society will dominate the internet.

Will it be a society of predators where sexual gratification is the rule and the weak and trusting children become subject to it?

Will it be a society of zero-tolerance for child pornagraphy on the internet?
A society that demands at the very least that this incredible new medium of communication set a standard for decency that begins with the protection of innocent children from predators, rape, sexual abuse and the final degradation to the child, of having his/her abuse become a timeless reminder, a picture, a visual tool for others sick sexual gratification.

Please give this issue some thought. Help us spread the word by joining the White Ribbon Campaign. Merely place the White Ribbon on your website to show that you stand against child pornography.

For, ultimately this issue is not a matter of compassion but one of basic humanity and respect.

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