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Hi, I'm Chirischtôval Lauramáintsch (but you can call me Chris), and you're looking at the former home of the Union of Pacaria (which has reverted to its original status as an at-home hobby), and the Start Page!

The Start Page is the home of XPIC Productions, a division of Lauramáintsch, Ltd. (LrM), where we work to make ourselves look good.
You can still see the old Pacaria pages, actually. Just type pac1.html through pac8.html after "...9183/" in your browser's Location indicator section thingie.

Below is a list of links for you to enjoy -- my micronational concern is elsewhere now.

Links to other sites on the Web

Wittenberg! Talossa's Disco Group (not 'disco' like the music; discussion!)
Vénéneux -- The Talossan Pop Culture Magazine
The TalossaFest '98 Web Page
Støtanneu - Talossa's Most Widely Read, Respected and Oldest Paper!
Q -- The Source for Talossan Information. Kind of an Encyclopædia Talossica, if you would.
Talossa Media Project.
Talossa National News -- the 2nd oldest and most-respected paper. This is the online edition. Subscribe to the regular edition.
Talossa -- Lest ye forget, here's the home page.

Like the background? It's the Kingdom of Talossa! No, honest! No, I swear! Fine, don't believe me; I don't care!

© 1997 Chirischtôval Lauramáintsch

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