Sleeter's Dixie

Dixie is a beauty in motion. Her beauty is in her movement, which is a good thing because she moves alot. We visited her at 18-months and found her to be exuberant (which is downgraded from the hyper pup we saw when she was 6 months!), affectionate, and intelligent with a sense of humor.

She seems quite into what her pack is doing. She is constantly watching to keep tabs on everybody present.

She is doing well at her farm hand duties. She is helping move the cattle some and is keeping everybody in line in the milking parlor. Her style is tending to be like Shooter's. She likes to be at the head of the cow to initiate movement.

She has been having some problems staying home. She has kind of a unique situation because her pack consists of her owners, the farm hands, the cows and the cats. Some of the employees are her neighbors and she is visiting them. I think maybe because she views them as pack members, she views their property as pack property and therefore her home. This problem may have started this way and she found out the neighbors would play with her and give her treats when she visited. I suggested that they have the neighbors tie her up at their house. I also suggested that they have the farm hands tell her to "stay" when they leave.

They are also having some problems with her chasing deer. She views them as intruders and wants them gone! She chases them off the property then leaves them alone. She has chased deer across the road before and they are concerned she might meet a car. For this problem, I suggested them being a little more heavy handed and make sure she minds.

Sleeters are hoping she will settle down more. I am thinking that she still has some maturing to do and it is quite possible that she will calm.

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