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The Best Of Uriah Heep

Fan Reviews

John Grenci (Butler, Pennsylvania, USA) writes about "Just a commentary an the group. Definitely, among the most underrated groups ever. I thinks the critics woke up one day and decided they just did not like them. My favorite album is Magician's Birthday, which just does not have a bad song, and their most underrated song,
.....Can I have a drum roll?........
.... without qustion, ...
The Park from Salisbury."

Larry Archie (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) writes about "I was a huge Heep fan in the 70's when I heard Sweet Lorraine. For the first time. It has been a favorite of mine ever since. I'm glad I found this site to let every one know I love this band."

Yves (Odd`n, Norway) writes "Uriah Heep Is the best band ever existed and it`s still the best ever. I don`t have all CD`s of Uriah Heep but many of them and Easy Livin is one of my favorites. Mister Majestic, Too Scared Too Run and Corina is also great one."

Nadejda Chalotkina (Moscow, Russia) writes "The best rock group, ever musically and lyrically, with superb vocalists (David Byron and John Lawton). My favorite songs are Come back to Me, The Park, Wonderworld, Easy Livin', Rain and Ken Hensley's From Time to Time. What a pity modern groups can't match talent like that!"

Dan Gorman (Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA) writes about Uriah Heep Classic Heep - An Anthology, "The double set has most of my favorites (Lady in Black, The Wizard, Easy Livin'). It even has two songs (Come away Melinda and The Park) I never thought I'd see on an album like this, but I am glad they did. I would give this album an A. It was worth every penny I paid for it, but I think it could contain more."

Dan (Austin, Texas, USA) writes "Styx owes their entire career to Uriah Heep!"

Marco Geiser (Kehl, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) writes "All albums are brilliant! One of the best bands live!"

Alexandros Andriopoulos (Athens, Greece) writes "All their Albums are Fantastic!"

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, US) writes "I have been a Heep fan since I first saw the band in January 1977 when they opened for KISS in Norman, Oklahoma. It was my first concert and I was the ripe age of 8 (big brother took me as a Christmas present). I knew little about the band at that time, as the only album my brother had at the time was Best Of. I remember being blown away by the sound, esp. Hensley's organ and moog as well as being entranced by the vocal harmonies and John Lawton's stage presence. Needless to say, I have been a fan ever since. The very next day, I purchased Return to Fantasy and The Magician's Birthday... on 8-track!! These two albums remain two of my faves, along with Firefly, Abominog and Sea of Light. I have bought every Heep album upon its release (even imports) since 1977. I don't know that there is a weak album here. If I had to choose one album though, it would have to be Live 1973. That recording remains a religious experience to this day. I am cheered to see that I am not the only one who thinks that this album's version of Circle of Hands is one of the most amazing recordings around. It is, in a word, majestic."

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