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The Best Of Uriah Heep

The Best Of Uriah Heep 
                Poster Advertisement courtesy of Pete Wharton
Original UK poster advertisement (courtesy of Pete Wharton)
Click on picture for full-size original (71K)

The Best Of Uriah Heep Vol. 1 (UK) cover
The Best Of Uriah Heep  Vol. 2(UK) cover
UK Vol. 1
UK Vol. 2
1. Gypsy 1. The Hanging Tree
2. Bird Of Prey (UK version) 2. Sympathy
3. Lady In Black 3. Wise Man (single edit)*
4. Salisbury (single edit)* 4. Free Me
5. July Morning 5. Free 'N' Easy
6. Look At Yourself 6. Come Back To Me
7. Easy Livin' 7. Love Or Nothing
8. The Wizard 8. Woman Of The Night
(Live '79 version)
9. Sweet Lorraine 9. Carry On (single edit)*
10. Stealin' 10. Feelings (single edit)*
11. Suicidal Man 11. Easy Livin' (live 1980)*
12. Return To Fantasy 12. Suicidal Man (live 1980)*
13. Misty Eyes 13. That's The Way It Is
14. Easy Livin' (live)** 14. Think It Over
(Abominog version)
15. Stealin' (live)** 15. Stay On Top
17. Too Scared To Run
(Live In Moscow version)
18. Blood Red Roses
19. Hold Your Head Up
20. Blood On Stone
* - Previously unreleased on CD
** - Previously unreleased outtake from Live At Shepperton
The Best Of Uriah Heep 
                (US) cover
Classic Heep Anthology cover
US Best Of
Classic Heep: An Anthology
Click on picture for full-size original (42K)

Disc 1

1. Easy Livin' 1. Gypsy
2. Lady In Black 2. Come Away Melinda
3. Bird Of Prey (US version) 3. Bird Of Prey (US version)
4. Sunrise 4. I'll Keep On Trying
5. The Wizard 5. High Priestess
6. Sweet Lorraine 6. The Park
7. July Morning 7. Lady In Black
8. Look At Yourself 8. Look At Yourself
9. Gypsy 9. July Morning
10. Tears In My Eyes
Finland Best Of Uriah Heep cover
11. Love Machine
Finland cover
12. The Wizard
Contains both UK Best Of CDs 13. Why (b-side version)
14. Traveller In Time
15. Easy Livin'
16. Circle Of Hands
Disc 2

1. Rainbow Demon
2. Paradise/The Spell
3. Sunrise
4. Blind Eye
5. The Magician's Birthday
6. Sweet Lorraine
7. Rain
8. Stealin'
9. Sweet Freedom
10. Wonderworld
11. The Easy Road
12. Return To Fantasy
13. Footprints In The Snow
14. Weep In Silence

Overview: These albums serve as great introductions to an incredible band. The two UK best of albums (which have been released in Finland as a double-CD set) are nicely divided into the Byron and post-Byron eras. The US Best Of is a great collection culled from their first five albums, but if you can afford it, the 2CD Anthology is far better, as well as including a very detailed booklet with notes from Ken.

For collectors, the UK editions contain several single edits and live tracks unavailable elsewhere. You'll find reviews of those edits and live tracks on the appropriate pages. The only rarities on the US editions are the inclusion of the US version of Bird Of Prey and the first US appearance of Why (single edit).

As Rob Corich says in his UK notes, these two would make an incredible permanent fixture in your car CD player. Grade: A (all three)
note: The cover for UK Volume 2 is the same as Volume 1 except the lettering is silver. But why was the UK cover was chosen and not the US, which is vastly superior? In fact, the UK covers are the worst Heep covers out! That is my biggest gripe with these albums.

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