The AN/GRC-46 as shown and described on the following pages is


Everything shown here (except the M-37 truck*) will be included, plus a few extra parts not shown on the For Sale page. Some of the extras are being offered on ebay so may not be available as part of this offer. I will also be keeping the A-11 Clock.

Sale price is $4000

Buyer must make ALL arrangements for pickup.

If you have any questions, contact me at with "AN/GRC-46" in the subject line.

*I will also sell the truck for an additional price of $8,500.

(Set is located 7 miles south of Pittsburgh PA, just off of US-19)

Radio Teletypewriter Set
M37 with AN/GRC-46 Shelter, seen in Munich Germany

AN/GRC-46 radio truck in Munich Germany, 1965

AN/GRC-46 in Pennsylvania

AN/GRC-46 radio truck in Pennsylvania, 2006

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