Radio Equipment and Shelter Interior:
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T-195 Transmitter Transmitter T-195B/GRC19,
Manufactured in 1963 by Western Electric Co., Serial No. 844, Order No. 15283-PP-63.
The transmitter operates on frequencies from 1.5 to 20 mc, transmitting Voice, CW and frequency shifted RadioTeletype signals.
R-392 Receiver Receiver, Radio R-392/URR,
Manufactured in 1963 by Western Electric Co., Serial No. 416, Order No. 15283-PP-63.
The receiver operates on frequencies from .5 to 32 mc, receiving Voice, CW and frequency shifted RadioTeletype signals.
MD-203 Modulator and CV-278 Converter Modulator, Radio Transmitter MD-203/GR (left),
Manufactured in 1962 by Stewart Warner Co., Serial No. 360, Order No. 15057-PP-62.
The Modulator provides frequency-shift keying for RadioTeletype transmissions.

Converter, Frequency Shift CV-278/GR (right),
Manufactured in 1961 by Federal Television Corp., Serial No. 67, Order No. 52703-PP-61.
The Converter is a demodulator which converts frequency shifted signals to direct current teletype pulses.

J-668 Interconnecting Box Interconnecting Box J-668/GR,
Manufactured in 1962 by Stewart Warner, Serial No. 337, Order No. 15057-PP-62.
The J-668 interconnects all power and signal wiring of the RadioTeletype set.
TT-98 Teletype Teletypewriter Set AN/UCC-4,
Manufactured in 1960 by Kleinschmidt, Serial No. 73, Order No. 21897-PC-60.
The AN/UCC-4 is composed of the Teletypewriter TT-98C/FG and its built-in Power Supply PP-978.
This set is a page printer which provides printed copies of messages transmitted and received by the RadioTeletype set.
TT-76 Teletype Reperferator/Transmitter Reperforator-Transmitter Teletypewriter TT-76A/GGC,
Manufactured in 1959 by Burroughs Corp., Serial No. 1582, Order No. 41052-PC-59.
The reperforator-transmitter provides perforated tape copies of teletypewriter messages received, or transmits messages pre-recorded on perforated tape.
Teletype Rack Center The center of the teletype rack provides a small writing surface, the loudspeaker mount and access to the J-668/GR. To the right is the circular opening for the chad cup which collects the paper punches when the TT-76 is preparing a punched tape.
Interior Left Wall The left wall of the shelter. Seen here are the clock, the clipboard hanger, the exaust hoses for the T-195 cooling fan and the ceiling light for the TT-98 teletype operator.
Interior Right Wall The right wall of the shelter, above the right side folding seat and the jump seat. These are cordage diagrams of the different models of the AN/GRC-46(*).
Interior Rear Wall The back wall of the shelter, next to the entrance door. At the top right corner of the door is the blackout switch. This turns off the interior lights when the door is opened, to prevent light spillage under blackout conditions. The switch can be overriden manually to keep the lights on with the door open. To the right of the door are the shelter exaust fan and the thermostat for the heater. These are in the area above the security safe.
Right Side Jump Seats Right side seating. The fold-down seat to the front provides seating for the TT-76 Reperforator-Transmitter operator. To the rear, by the door, is the auxillary jump seat which can be used by an observer, or to provide easier access to the security safe.
AC Rotary Converters Motor Generators,
Manufactured by Wincharger, Model SS688
Also known as Rotary Converters, they are mounted on the floor at the front of the shelter under the teletype equipment. They convert 24VDC, from the gasoline generator or the vehicle electrical system, to 115VAC to power the teletype and security equipment.
Security Safe Safe, Security SF-2556
Manufactured in 1964 by Mosler, Serial No. 16830-148, Contract No. GS-00S-49994.
The safe is used for storage of security documents and equipment, in addition to tools, manuals and spare parts. On the right is the shelter's left side jump seat for the teletype operator.
Multi-Fuel Heater Heater, Space, Multi-Fuel T-15K
Designed to burn gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel, the heater has an output of 15,000 BTU, which provides more than adequate heating for the radio operator's comfort during cold weather operations. The heater is mounted on the floor of the shelter, under the security safe.
Accessories Accessories:

Headset, H-227, used for the operator's convenience in listening to weak signals, or when there is high ambient noise present.
Microphone, M-29B, used for voice transmissions.
Telegraph Key, J-37 used for Morse Code transmissions.
Loudspeaker, LS-166/U, the primary listening device.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher, 5 Pound, CO2
<U>Aircraft Clock Type A-11</U>, 8-day Mechanical Clock, Aircraft Type A-11
Manufactured in 1942 by Bulova, Serial No. 30303.
The clock is an 8-day, mechanical aircraft-type clock.
The mounting bracket includes a hook for holding the microphone.
Carbon Monoxide Test Carbon Monoxide detector, "Easy Test"
Manufactured by Harvey Westbury Corp
This is not original equipment for the AN/GRC-46 but is prudent to have in case the Multi-Fuel heater malfunctions, or since the set may be operated with the vehicle engine running and the shelter door closed.
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