Shelter Exterior and Truck:
Shelter Rear Shelter, S-144,
Radio Teletype Set AN/GRC-46B, Serial No. 428, Manufactured by Federal Television Corp. in 1961. Order No. 52703-PP-61.
To the left of the door opening are (from the top) the hooded opening for the shelter's exaust fan, the fuel tank for the multi-fuel heater, an air inlet opening at the bottom for the heater and, at the lower left corner, the attachment for the grounding rod. A filtered opening in the door allows ventilating air to pass through. The door is made in two parts so that the top half can be opened when the truck's tailgate is raised.
Shelter Left Side In this left side view can be seen the transmitter cooling fan exaust ducts at the front and the heater exaust pipe coming out at the bottom and running up the rear corner.
Shelter Right Side The right side view shows the grab handles/steps which provide access to the top of the shelter for maintenance to the antenna.
Antenna Group - AB-15 Antenna Base and MS-116, MS-117 and MS-118 Antenna Sections Whip Antenna,
Consists of three MS-116, one MS-117 and one MS-118 antenna sections, Antenna Base AB-15 and vinyl protective sheath. The sheath prevents water from entering the base and lower antenna joints.
Shelter Antenna Mount The 15-foot whip antenna is mounted on the front center of the shelter. This is the standard antenna for the radioteletype set while working on various frequencies, although any other antenna type can be connceted directly to the transmitter for specific frequencies or special purposes.
1.5 KW Gasoline Generator Generator Set, Gasoline, MEP-025A,
24VDC, 1.5 kW. This generator provides 27.5 VDC to operate the RadioTeletype set and its components when not being operated on power from the vehicle electrical system.
M37 Truck, Before Restoration This is my truck as it looked shortly after I obtained it, and before the restoration started.
M37 Truck, After Restoration My truck as it is now. It's a twin to the one I drove 40 years ago.
M37 and AN/GRC-46 Shelter in Munich Germany This is the M-37B1truck, M-101 Trailer and AN/GRC-46 shelter that was "mine" while in the 24th Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 34th Field Artillery, Headquarters Battery in Munich Germany.
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