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UPDATE! - October, 2006 -
Edgar's Name Pages has passed the 2000 name mark! We now have more than 2000 names for you to browse, representing over 74% of all feminine names and almost 80% of all masculine names in the United States (based on the 1990 census, the latest available data).

Yes, we are still being updated, but as our authors are busy with several jobs each, this process has become even slower.

What's New?
September, 2006
Edgar's Name Pages is still being updated - very, very slowly! The latest pages to be updated are:
Anthea, Clifton, Noah, Olivia, Opal, Oscar, Paola, Patsy, Percy, Perry, Seth, Sharon, Stella, Tucker

Also, we have several new! names, including:
Albery, Alessandro, Gracilia, Jepson, Josie, Kris, Lourdes, Murphy, Parnel, Phoenix, Presley, Sarai, Sorrel, Zebulon.

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