Well obviously you don't need the lyrics to la la la la... oh there they are.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^

Melodies of Life
It's the song that rules! Well... if you want to sing the song like I said by yourself just click on Melodies of Life and there are the lyrics. They're right. The're not made up or anything.

Melodies of Life Japanese
If you have a clue as to how to sing in Japanese then I recommend you try to because it's so fun!

Melodies of Life Japanese Translation
This is the translation from the japanese lyrics to the english. Their not the same as you can see but their somewhat similar.

Melodies of Life German
There is no song in german they are simply just lyrics.

Galway no Sora
Yet again I know it's not in the game but it's still fun to sing. Oh and it's also in japanese.

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