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La la la la...

Remember when Zidane comes and finds me singing? Well thats right there. Just go download it!

Melodies of Life
Its the best song in the game! Download it or..... you might already have it... Download it or beat the game, if you don't already have it.

Melodies of Life Japanese
Same thing as above but just sang in japanese. o-O

Melodies of Life Instrumental
I know I don't sing in it but you might get bored of me singing and want to sing it by yourself with backround music. Well then just download it. It's right there.

Galway no Sora
I know it's not in FF9, but its on the FF9 cd! I think... if it is then... that's why it's here.......(thinks) so you don't have to buy the cd. Aren't I nice?

Everything I Sing


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